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Car Loans For Bad Credit
Car Loans For Bad Credit



Divorced? We have lots of no credit
car financing options available.


Our car dealers offer car financing for everyone,
including individuals with no credit

If you are divorced and looking for car financing, depending on your circumstances, you may have trouble finding it.

When couples get divorced, sometimes they may not realize what impact their former spouse had on their credit. Do you relate to any of the following?

  • You were dependent on your former spouse for income.
  • The mortgage and/or all credit cards are in your former spouses name.
  • Your former spouse has poor credit.

If your former spouse brought in all your income and your mortgage and credit cards were in their name, it appears to banks and other traditional lenders as if you have no credit. Little or no credit means you will not meet minimum credit score criteria. Your credit score may even be non-existent! Despite the fact that you may have been responsible for all the household record keeping and bill paying, the banks will have no way of knowing this since nothing was in your name. From the banks’ point of view, you have little or no credit history, and unfortunately they will reject you as a high risk. can get
you the car financing you need and build up your
credit history.

No credit is no problem with us. When you complete the simple and quick car financing application to the right, your information will be passed along to our nationwide network of non-traditional lenders. These sub prime lenders are car dealerships that specialize in approving no credit car financing. The dealers have experience working with divorced individuals who have little or no credit.

As always, our car financing referrals are fast and free. Within hours of filling out the car financing application, you’ll receive new and used car loan quotes from dealers in your area. Another benefit of obtaining car financing is that you’ll be establishing credit in your name – an essential step towards boosting your credit score and obtaining future loans.

A divorce is not a deterrent to getting the car financing you need. Complete the application to the right and you could be in the driver’s seat of your new car within days!


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