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Money Management Matters and Taxes

Every year, in the Spring, like clockwork - its tax time! Perhaps the best known consumer tax preparation company is H&R Block. They specialize in personal and small business tax filings. Not only do they prepare tax returns, they have relationships with lending institutions that fund your tax return immediately, for a fee of course. H&R Block even has a program that checks last year’s filings and on average finds an additional $1,200 in refund. They not only prepare tax returns, their financial advisors can help you with investments for short term, long term and even retirement investment. These trained experts can help you with financial planning for higher education, help you find a home mortgage, and even get that one dream gift through home equity products that share with their affiliate companies. In all, H&R Block is your one stop shop for all of your financial short and long term needs. For more information please visit

Useful Money Management Software

Microsoft Money - Microsoft Money 2006 Deluxe is the complete personal finance solution that helps you manage your day-to-day finances, track investments, prepare for tax time, and build a plan for your future!

Quicken® 2005 Deluxe - Quicken® 2005 Deluxe is the
easiest way to organize your personal finances, investments and taxes. Download your banking, credit card and brokerage transactions – you don't even have to type them in! And now we've made it easier than ever to make the most of the smart, powerful Quicken features.

We are not advertising these money management sites for any financial gain and all suggestions provided are for informational purposes only. is neither an expert nor professional in the financial industry and does not intend to promote these offers from our site.

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